Coronavirus related scams warning

There have been a large number of scams and phishing frauds in relation to the current coronavirus outbreak as reported by Action Fraud and the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB). Fraudsters never take a day off and never shy aware from developing their efforts. Here are some of the latest scams to be aware of: 


Online shopping scams

The majority are online shopping scams, which offer free goods (face masks, hand sanitizer, groceries, toilet rolls etc) simply by clicking a link.  


WHO imposters

Phishing emails purporting to be from the World Health Organisation (WHO). They claim to be able to provide the recipient with a list of coronavirus infected people in their area.


Fake newsletter updates

Fake newsletter update subscriptions on coronavirus or related subjects (ironic virus/trojan/malware etc).


HMRC tax refund 

The old HMRC tax refund scam, although this is now using the rouse of the virus tax relief.


Information requests 

Emails claiming to be from lenders/banks requesting information to process payment holidays.



As always, don’t rely on links provided on emails, but use the known website for the organisation should you need to visit it.