We have a tendency to go through life thinking “it will never happen to me” but have you ever considered what would happen if it did.

We have recently heard from clients for whom we arranged a remortgage just 5 months ago. At the same time we advised them on the importance of protecting that mortgage in the event that life threw something unexpected at them. Fortunately they accepted our recommendation and took out cover with Vitality Life.

At a time when they should be focusing on normal family matters the clients and their 2 teenage daughters are having to think about the impact that a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer will have on their lives. One such impact is the loss of a job and the income that came with it but these financial worries at least have been mitigated by the insurance pay out they received.

We have shared their words below as the message it contains is important to everyone not just those with a mortgage.

Hi Tom,

Just to update you my Serious Illness Cover claim was approved today at 100%.

I just wanted to personally thank you for advising me of this cover.

Without the Serious Illness cover my family and I would have financially struggled at this difficult time.

Little did I know that 5 months after taking out life insurance with Vitality that I would be diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. 

I cannot recommend Vitality enough, they have been fabulous, the process was quick and easy to follow and their staff both professional and human!

Many thanks 

Mr P